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My Latest Work & 2 New Charity Auctions Coming The 9th!!

For all those who have been wanting to contribute to the disaster relief in Myanmar and Sichuan, as well as get your chance at some of my 5x7, original artwork-this is your opportunity to do both!
On the 9th of June, you will have not one, but two, 5x7 auctions to choose from, in which I will be contributing 100% of my ending auction cost to both disaster ridden areas.
But! There's more!
My weekly auctions will also be involved! The 2.5x3.5 ACEO size auctions will contribute 10% of the ending auction cost. That means no matter which one you could win, they will all be helping out those in need.
Mark your calendars, and get ready to try and win some art for charity!

Also, here are this week's Nouveau and Skeleton Auctions!
Auburn Nouveau
Skeleton Cupcake Galore

More soon!
-Nat :)
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