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This Week's Feline, Hamster & Mousey Mini Arts!

Greetings! Happy Summer and Belated 4th!

This week brings a fine trio of animal-related mini artworks, which are sure to bring you an 'awwww'. :)
First up, is a 'bead-a-holic' mouse and her son, 'Gone Beadin''...
Gone Beading

Next is the continuation of my Nouveau Lady Series, with a different Nouveau styled female of different hair colors, holding a different animal every time. This one features a dusty rose-haired woman, with her pet hamster, holding a wee heart:
Dusty Rose Nouveau & Hamster Friend

Finally, we have a dear orange and white tabby, appreciating the finer things in life, like playing with the butterflies landing near his garden gate....
Orange & White Cat Playing With Butterflies

In addition, I have my previous 5x7 work,'Horse Maiden' in my original section as a buy it now. I am going to try and add a few more buy-it-now originals in my shop, so that those who do not wish to fight it out for some of my one-of-a-kind work, won't have to!

Hoping everyone is staying cool and comfy, see ya next week!
P.s. Don't forget, my Etsy shops,'Dishy Thicket' and 'Dream Trappings' are still having goodies added to them as well. :)
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