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The Curious Art of Natalie Von Ewert

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Welcome to 'CreatorNat'! The first online journal community featuring the ongoing journey of the art creations of Natalie Von Ewert. Here you can follow my work with my weekly pieces, both on and off ebay. You can even get a chance to own some of my original art!
For new friends, feel free to add me, and ask me any questions you like or comment on the work you see here. I simply had to open this up, as my art is taking up all my regular journal entries! ^_^

*Remember! All work shown within this journal, and on my website is property of Natalie Ewert, and copyright protected.

My name is Natalie Ewert(aka Eno, Natamon, Nat, Creatornat, Crouton Jones...) and I reside in southern California with my stunner hubby and loving plants. I am a full-time artist, doing freelance and commission work. You can commission a piece via my website, or bid on original pieces via my ebay auctions. Check out my latest journal entries here to see what's new!

Or Drop By To See What I Do:

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....And Jewelry too!
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