Eno (eno) wrote in creatornat,

This Week's Nouveau Artwork!

Greetings All!
This week has just one lone auction, as I have only had so much time in between leaving town for the weekend, and my doctor appointments. But, next will have two to choose from-and a new skele friend as well!
I have placed my Alice In Wonderland series on hold, as people have seemed to find interest elsewhere. She may reappear again a few months later, but if anyone is interested in my Gothic Beauty or Striped Alice 4x6 Originals, I would be happy to sell them privately too.
Sometime soon, I may very well be placing up more charity auctions, so stay tuned for that too!
Below is this week's Nouveau Lady Original Mini Art Auction:
Lavender Nouveau

See everyone later in the week!
-Nat :)
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