Eno (eno) wrote in creatornat,

This Week's Kitty, Batty & Angel Mini Artworks!

This week brings us a very happy jester-style, orange tabby, whose love for fall brings out the song in him!
Fall Cat Song

...Then we have a sweet, dear young Batty, out to play with his lollipop and pet firefly...
Batty With Pet Firefly

...and it's all topped off with my next 'Praying Angel', who is protecting a soul in the womb...
Praying Angel #7

In addition, I have sales on some of my originals in my ebay store, as well as my Etsy, DishyThicket shop! Big sales at the Etsy shop, so feel free to have a browse!

Happy early Fall, everyone,
Til next week, Nat :)
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