Eno (eno) wrote in creatornat,

Here's A Little 'Mid -Week Holiday Fun' ^_^

Ok folks, not to throw you a curve ball, but I may very well be posting on different days of the week over the coming Holiday seasons-even while other auctions of mine are still going. This means faving me on ebay, or here will greatly help you keep track-should you be eager to not miss any artsy-action. ;)
In other news, this week is one of those weeks!
Below is the auction link to the start of a 'Nouveau Halloween Trio of Queens'. Each one will have an art nouveau feel, but sometimes, a little deco in there as well. ;)
I am excited about these Halloween Queens, though I think when number three is listed, you'll see it all come together with the 'whimsical factor'. However, that's all I'm saying for now. Stay tuned!

Nouveau Halloween Queen #1

P.s. Prints of the trio will be sold in my ebay shop as soon as the third lady is created.
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